December 2, 2023





Easily set up and run giveaways, contests & sweepstakes that drive real user engagement.

We make it easy to filter our invalid entries, validate real winners and then announce them in your widget as social proof.

Want to run a competition aimed for a specific audience country with another language? The widget was built with that in mind.

"A sweepstake is a contest usually based on major sporting events, the World Cup being a perfect example, where entrants pay an equal stake before choosing a team at random. In most scenarios, the name of every team involved is placed in a hat before being pulled out blindly to ensure a random selection"

"A Sweepstakes is the process of running a promotion where people must enter to win a prize. During the sweepstakes people who enter can take certain actions to increase their odds of winning. The promotion comes with general rules and guidelines that all entrants must adhere to in order to qualify to win."

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